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Tanning at Blush

Tanning at blush
LA tanning offer

LA Fast Tan

Its finally here, a Fast Tan that actually works!!

  • No more turning down last minute events!
  • Due to popular demand a solution that can be washed off after only 2 hours!
  • A fast developing solution designed for those customers who require a last minute tan
  • Available in a versatile golden brown shade with a refreshing lemon grass fragrance.
Development time:

2 hours - for a light to medium tan.
3-4 hours for a darker tan.
This means the client is in charge of their desired tan.

Brown bitz offer

Brown Bitz

BROWN BITZ contains an instant colouring once applied to the skin. The coating then develops and darkens creating a next generation Golden sunkissed tanned look. Now all our products contain Aloe Vera as well as all our other Grade A ingredients.

By combining the tanning agent DIHYDROXYACETONE which is a colourless sugar derived from sugar cane, Brown Bitz interacts with the amino acids in the skin to produce a temporary colour change. This is then combined with erythulose a natural moisturising ingredient derived from raspberries, this works the same as DHA but develops slowly to ensure a smoother colour that is long lasting between 5-7 days and fades evenly unlike many other tanning products.

sunbed offers
sunbed offers


Latest Sunbed courses available:

36 minutes £10
50 minutes £15
100 minutes £25
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